Compare performance against peer benchmarks, identify improvement opportunities, and drive corrective strategies Learn More
Contract Master
Store, manage, and monitor all contracting needs from a secure, centralized, digital location Learn More
Monitor key metrics, access strategic and operational resources, and manage actions to realize improvement targets Learn More
Plus Analytics
Evaluate spend data, identify improvement opportunities, and explore cost savings. Analyze on/off contracts and pharmacy spend. Learn More
Reimbursement Modeler
Generate Medicare reimbursement position and mitigate risk of reimbursement liability surprises Learn More
Collect on outstanding claim balances, streamline business processes, and automate data integration. Learn More
Supply AdVantage
Explore total spend, track corporate compliance, and discover cost savings opportunities Learn More
Leadership Scorecard
Assess client performance. View Facility Health Scorecards and QHR Value Scorecards. Learn More
Workforce Productivity
Optimize departmental labor costs, evaluate performance against targets, and adjust staffing to match volume fluctuations Learn More